Perfect Partnerships

6 Proven Steps to Seal the Deal with Corporate and Non-profit sponsors and partners | taught by Becky A. Davis
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Becky A. Davis
Becky A. Davis
Business Growth Architect

About the Instructor

“Chief BOSSpreneur Becky A. Davis is known as the “Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon” for her straight-forward coaching skills that develop individuals into well-rounded business owners. As a member of the prestigious Forbes Magazine Coaches Council, official private coach for the ultra-exclusive Odyssey Media Company, and national entrepreneur spokesperson and trainer for The Coca-Cola Company. Becky is one of the most in-demand experts for small businesses and as an international speaker.

Becky is a Certified Executive Coach. She is also certified by Gallup University for the Entrepreneur Talent Profile Assessment and A Certified Coach for Emotional Intelligence in Business. She is a is a national trainer


This course is designed to help first time and veterans create a killer proposal and pitch for sponsorship and partnerships. This is a system I have used for my events for sponsor dollars, in-kind gifts, registration bags, marketing materials, meals, travel, books buys, etc. I've used this method for partnerships that paid for tours, grew my network and community and created third party credibility for my brand.

So that you are not overwhelmed, the content is delivered daily for seven days. This is to help you take small actions each day to get the work done. By the seventh day, you will have a strategy a system and be able to put your sale proposal together.

Course Contents

3 Videos
14 PDFs
40.0 hrs