taught by Becky A. Davis
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Becky A. Davis
Becky A. Davis
Business Growth Architect

About the Instructor

“Chief BOSSpreneur Becky A. Davis is known as the “Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon” for her straight-forward coaching skills that develop individuals into well-rounded business owners. As a member of the prestigious Forbes Magazine Coaches Council, official private coach for the ultra-exclusive Odyssey Media Company, and national entrepreneur spokesperson and trainer for The Coca-Cola Company. Becky is one of the most in-demand experts for small businesses and as an international speaker.

Becky is a Certified Executive Coach. She is also certified by Gallup University for the Entrepreneur Talent Profile Assessment and A Certified Coach for Emotional Intelligence in Business. She is a is a national trainer


If you want to be a full-time entrepreneur, there are some steps you need to take before you take the leap.  You will learn how to financially prepare for running a business. This course has templated to download that will help you "see" what you don't know about being a business owner.  Preparation is the key to success

Course Contents

1 Video
4 PDFs
1.0 hr